• VP, Enterprise Products & Customers, H2O.ai (https://h2o.ai)
  • Mission: Transforming businesses using machine intelligence


  • Founder & Principal at Big Data Perspective
    • Successfully build and shipped enterprise DevOps analytics platform
    • Mission: WE MAKE HADOOP FLY
    • Ran for 28 months and successfully migrated to acquisition
  • Part of Bardog, Platfora, Microsoft, ISR Japan..

Experience & Expertise:

  • Successfully built & managed products, teams & companies of various capacity at startups and large enterprises

  • A very passionate and open minded team member always looking for what is best for the team, customers and organization

  • International work experience with global 100 companies at China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and USA for over 15 years

  • Raised 650K seed round from private investors to build operational analytics startup Big Data Perspective and ran it over 2 years and finally sold it to NinjaRMM as equi-hire, returned investment for investors and placement for the team plus bonus

  • Successfully released i.e. H2O, Big Data Perspective, HDInsight, Azure IaaS, Azure SDK & API, Windows CE/Mobile

  • Created Rapid Response team of over 50 engineers worldwide & build internal business generating ~$2M yearly at Microsoft

  • Created OEM engineering team @ Microsoft selling over 20M Windows Mobile & 80M Windows CE licenses worldwide

  • Provided rapid device prototyping services to embedded OEM worldwide (Samsung, LG, ASUS, HTC, Sharp, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Casio, Foxconn, Topcon, Huawei, NEC etc.) to build mobile device within 90 days from start to finish at Microsoft

  • Awarded 3 Gold Stars in 8 years (top 0.1%), 5 promotions in 8 years and for 7/8 times ranked top 10% at Microsoft

  • Published author, followed tech blogger, community speaker spoken in various large conferences worldwide

  • Technology driven, assisting developers worldwide through blogs, workshops & Q/A i.e. StackOverflow (17K)/MSDN

Proven Skills:

  • Soft & people skills to manage and engage, partners, customers, engineering & cross functional global teams of various size

  • Full Stack Developer with expertise in Java, Python, C#, JavaScript, D3, OOP, MPP, MPI, and RESTful Patterns

  • Experienced in Machine learning (H2O, scikit-learn, R) implementation & production pipeline using Java/Python/Spark

  • Conceptual and experimental knowledge of Deep Learning implementation with Tensorflow, Keras, mxnet and H2O

  • Extensive experience in building massive scale distributed applications using open source technologies i.e. Hadoop & Spark

  • Expert in data storage and manipulation methods at very low level to build scale up data analytics subsystems with open source

  • Expert in creating intelligent visual data representations for large scale data through interactive UI, graphs & simple style

  • Expert troubleshooting skills and insight into multi cluster distributed deployments, applications and code


  • Learning Cloudera Impala (2013) by Packt Publication
  • Introducing Microsoft Azure HDInsight – Technical Overview (2014) by Microsoft Press