Getting predictors from H2O POJO and MOJO models in Java and Scala

Here is the Java/Scala code snippet which shows how you can get the predictors and response details from H2O POJO and MOJO Models:

to get the list of all column names in your POJO/MOJO model, you can try the following:


import hex.genmodel.easy.RowData;
import hex.genmodel.easy.EasyPredictModelWrapper;
import hex.genmodel.easy.prediction.*;
import hex.genmodel.MojoModel;
import java.util.Arrays;


## First use the POJO model class as below:
private static String modelClassName = "gbm_prostate_binomial";

##Then you can GenModel class to get info you are looking for as below:
hex.genmodel.GenModel rawModel;
rawModel = (hex.genmodel.GenModel) Class.forName(modelClassName).newInstance();

## Now you can get the results as below:
System.out.println("isSupervised : " + rawModel.isSupervised());
System.out.println("Columns Names :  " + Arrays.toString(rawModel.getNames()));


## Lets assume you have MOJO model as
## You would need to load your model as below:
hex.genmodel.GenModel mojo = MojoModel.load("");

## Now you can get list of predictors as below:
System.out.println("isSupervised : " + mojo.isSupervised());
System.out.println("Columns Names : " + Arrays.toString(mojo.getNames()));

To can get help on using MOJO and POJO models visit the following:

That’s it, enjoy!!


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