Building high order polynomials with GLM for higher accuracy

Sometimes when building GLM models, you would like to configure GLM to search for higher order polynomial of the features .

The reason you may have to do is that, you may have strong predictors for a model and going for high order polynomial of predictors you will get higher accuracy.

With H2O, you can create higher order polynomials as below:

  • Look for  ‘interactions’ parameter in GLM model.
  • In the interaction parameters add  list of predictor columns to interact.
When model will be build, all pairwise combinations will be computed for this list. Following is a working sample:
boston = h2o.import_file("")
predictors = boston.columns[:-1]
response = "medv"
from h2o.estimators.glm import H2OGeneralizedLinearEstimator
interactions_list = ['crim', 'dis']
boston_glm = H2OGeneralizedLinearEstimator(interactions = interactions_list)
boston_glm.train(x = predictors, y = response,training_frame = boston)
To explore interactions among categorical variables please do the following:
Thats all, enjoy!!

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