Using one Hot Encoding and Stratified Sampling in Sparkling Water & H2O

Here is an example Scala code which shows how to use new Sparkling Water package to setup OneHot encoding and Stratified Sampling:

import org.apache.spark.h2o._
import water.Key
import water.etl.prims.advmath.AdvMath.StratifiedSplit
import water.etl.prims.mungers.Mungers.OneHotEncoder
import water.etl.prims.operators.Operators.Eq
import water.fvec.Frame
import water.fvec.H2OFrame

// Use the following line if you decided to setup external SW Kluster
// val conf = new H2OConf(sc).setExternalClusterMode().useManualClusterStart().setCloudName("test")
//val hc = H2OContext.getOrCreate(sc, conf)

// OR use the following for basic configuration
val hc = H2OContext.getOrCreate(sc)
val fr = new H2OFrame(new"/Users/avkashchauhan/src/"))
val frOH = OneHotEncoder(fr, "Origin")
fr.add(frOH)   // Combine the pivoted result to the original frame
val trainTestCol = StratifiedSplit(fr,"IsDepDelayed",0.2,123);
val idx = Eq(trainTestCol,"train")
val train = fr.deepSlice(idx,null)   

// get subset of the Frame according to True/False of boolean 1 column Frame "idx"
val idx2 = Eq(trainTestCol,"test")
val test = fr.deepSlice(idx2,null)
Thats it, enjoy!!

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