Version mismatch error during H2O initialization

When you initialize  H2O in R or python as below:

> h2o.init()

You may see the following error:

Error in h2o.init(nthreads = -1) : Version mismatch! H2O is running version but h2o-R package is version
This is a developer build, please contact your developer

You are seeing this error is because R is trying to connect an existing running H2O instance instead of the starting a new instance based on your R package.

If you look for H2O running in your environment you will find one. You can also try to following command to see running h2o process

$ ps -ef | grep h2o

Now if you turn off running H2O instance, and re-run the above command you will see a new instance of H2O is started.

The other option is to disable the strict version check of a running H2O instance and just connect with it as below (You can disable version checking on both R and python):

> h2o.init(strict_version_check = FALSE)


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