Setting various logs levels for H2O

Setting log levels in different H2O deployment scenarios.

Standalone H2O mode (H2O on VMs, laptops…)

You can specify options -log_level and/or -log_dir:

Write messages at this logging level, or above. Default is INFO.
-log_dir <fileSystemPath>

The directory where H2O writes logs to disk. (This usually has a good default that you need not change.)

$ java -jar h2o.jar -log_level DEBUG

H2O on Hadoop

The log level option is not directly exposed. You can still set the log level by adding an extra java argument using the -J option of the Hadoop h2o driver: “-J -log_level -J DEBUG”. Here is an example:

$ hadoop jar h2odriver.jar -J -log_level -J DEBUG -nodes 1 -mapperXmx 1g -output t/$RANDOM

Sparkling Water:

Log levels can be adjusted using Spark conf properties: spark.ext.h2o.node.log.level and spark.ext.h2o.client.log.level, these are two separate options for the compute node and the h2o client running in Sparkling Water’s driver program (H2O client).

$ bin/sparkling-shell --conf spark.ext.h2o.node.log.level=DEBUG --conf spark.ext.h2o.client.log.level=DEBUG

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