How to get archetypes from a GLRM model in H2O


GLRM is a new machine learning approach for reconstructing missing values and identifying important features in heterogeneous data.

Learn more about GLRM Models in H2O:

The following code snippet helps users to use R/python interface to get archetypes from a GLRM which are not available from FLOW:

> h2o.init()
> cancar = h2o.importFile(" data/smalldata/glrm_test/cancar.csv")
> cancar.splits = h2o.splitFrame(cancar, ratios = .5, seed = 1234)
> model1 <- h2o.glrm(training_frame = cancar.splits[[1]],k=4)
> fitY <- model1@model$archetypes
> model2 <- h2o.glrm(training_frame = cancar.splits[[2]], init = "User", user_y = fitY)



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