Hadoop 2.4.0 release (helpful links)

Kudos to Hadoop community as Hadoop 2.4.0 release is available for everyone to consume. A small list of improvements in HDFS, MapReduce along with overall framework are as below but not limited to:

Hadoop 2.4.0 Highlights:

  • HDFS:
    • Full HTTPS support
    • ACL Supported HDFS, allows easier access to Apache Sentry-managed data by components using it
    • Native supported Rolling upgrades in HDFS
    • HDFS FSImage using protocol-buffers for smoother operational upgrades
  • YARN:
    • ResourceManager HA Automatic Failover
    •  YARN Timeline Server PREVIEW for storing and serving generic application history

Hadoop 2.4.0 Release Notes:


Hadoop 2.4.0 Source download:


Hadoop 2.4.0 Binary download:



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