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Here are some facts about Cloudera Impala as provided recently by Cloudera:

  • Impala is being widely adopted.
    Impala has been downloaded by people in more than 5,000 unique organizations, and Cloudera Enterprise customers from multiple industries and Fortune 100 companies have deployed it as supported infrastructure, integrated with their existing BI tools, in business-critical environments. Furthermore, MapR and Amazon Web Services (via its Elastic MapReduce service) recently announced support for Impala in their own platforms.
  • Impala has demonstrated production readiness.
    Impala has proved out its superior performance for interactive queries in a concurrent-workloads environment, while providing reliable resource sharing compared to batch-processing alternatives like Apache Hive.
  • Impala sports an ever-increasing list of enterprise features.
    Planned new enterprise features are materializing rapidly and according to plan — including the addition of fine-grained, role-based authorizationuser-defined functions (UDFs), cost-based optimization, and pre-built analytic functions.


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Shark vs. Impala, Hive and Amazon Redshift

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Source: AMPlab (UC-Berkeley)

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Cloudera Impala is Open Source and you can grab the source from github using the link below: