Foundation steps to become a leader

Recently I went through a literature which was given to me during a leadership training at my previous work. I wanted to live through the training again and decided to follow it again completely. The content was great and it was mainly conveying 3 main things to become a successful leader:

  1. Translating individual potential to team potential and individual strength to team strength
    1. This is done by showing trust in team and confidence
      1. Winning trust is not an easy thing and it is done be being honest
      2. Confidence in team is created by encouraging them to do the exemplary things by showing the path, not by doing it yourself
  2. Searching hidden potential in team and bringing it the limelight
    1. This is done by preparing and promoting team member for bigger task
      1. This is achieved by seeing big and looking for the big picture
      2. After that showing the exact same picture to everyone
      3. Finally bringing everyone to follow the same objective
  3. Do less and achieve BIG
    1. This is hardest to achieve because a leader want to see the results at his scale and to match then, he or she starts doing everything by himself and it is the end of leadership.
      1. A leader is nothing if his or her team does not see himself or herself a leader and you can not force someone to follow your lead.
        1. This is achieved by mastering #1 and #2 above.

A leader is consider to be like the “paddle” for the boat. The “paddle” seems to look very small comparative to the “boat” however it is “paddle” who gives the direction to boat and help reaching to its destination . Everyone sees the “boat” however no one see the “paddle”. Now these days leaders are like “flag” on the boat who are there to show off and get the credit from the “paddle”.


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