Building Hadoop Source in OSX

Step 1. Select your desired Hadoop Branch from a list below:

Step 2. Use svn to checkout and download source from the branch i.e.

$ svn co hadoop-2.0.5

Note: Above command will download Hadoop Branch 2.0.5 Alpha source code to a folder name hadoop-2.0.5.

Step 3: Change your current folder to hadoop-2.0.5 folder which will be considered as Hadoop source root folder.

Step 4:  Now open pom.xml and verify hadoop-main version as below to make sure this is the branch your are targeting to build for:


Step 5: Now open BUILDING.txt file and put your attention at requirement as described below:

* JDK 1.6
* Maven 3.0
* Findbugs 1.3.9 (if running findbugs)
* ProtocolBuffer 2.4.1+ (for MapReduce and HDFS)
* CMake 2.6 or newer (if compiling native code)
* Internet connection for first build (to fetch all Maven and Hadoop dependencies)

Step 6 : Make sure you do have everything needed in step 5 and if now use the info below to install required components:

  • Maven 3.0.4 works fine
  • For ProtocolBuffer just download it from here
  • $ ./configure
  • $ make
  • $ make install
  • For CMake you can use brew on OSX
  • $ brew install cmake

Step 7: Now be at your Hadoop source root and run the following commands in order to compile source, and build package

  •  $ mvn -version
  •  $ mvn clean
  •  $ mvn install  -DskipTests
  •  $ mvn compile  -DskipTests
  •  $ mvn package  -DskipTests
  •  $ mvn package -Pdist -DskipTests -Dtar

Now you can dive into hadoop-2.0.5/hadoop-dist/target/hadoop-2.0.5-alpha/bin folder and run the Hadoop commands i.e. hadoop, hdfs, mapred etc as below:

~/work/hadoop-2.0.5/hadoop-dist/target/hadoop-2.0.5-alpha/bin$ ./hadoop version
Hadoop 2.0.5-alpha
Subversion -r 1511192
Compiled by hadoopworld on 2013-08-07T07:01Z
From source with checksum c8f4bd45ac25c31b815f311b32ef17
This command was run using ~/work/hadoop-2.0.5/hadoop-dist/target/hadoop-2.0.5-alpha/share/hadoop/common/hadoop-common-2.0.5-alpha.jar


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