R Programming Language (Installation and configuration on Windows)


Download for Windows for link below:



Once the installation is completed you will have both 32bit and 64 bit binaries are installed as below:

  • RR-2.15.2binx64
  • RR-2.15.2bini386

After Launching the R shell from the default shortcut, R 32bit will start in the new window as below:



If you want to launch R 64bit binaries you would need to visit the binx64 folder and then launch R GUI as below:




You can also launch R command line version by launching R.exe as below:




So lets run some commands in R GUI windows:

>dir() By default this command will return the the directory list @ C:Users<login_user_name>Documents
  Note: You can change the working directory location  by configuring “File –> Change Dir” option in top menu.
>demo() This command will list of all demos located in R Base Package
>demo(package = .packages(all.available = TRUE)) This command will list all the demos in all available packages
>help() This command will launch HTML help documentation in default browser:

Note: During installation there is a setting to setup HTML/TXT based help so if you ran installation manual you can change this setting during setup time.

>help.start() This command will launch the help main page as below:
This command will open the browser to show the help on “add” specific commands as below: