Cloud Fair 2012 Presentation on Apache Hadoop, Windows Azure and Open Source

Recently I was given an opportunity to talk about “Apache Hadoop on Windows Azure” and “Open Source & Cloud Computing” at Cloud Fair 2012 Seattle.  If you wish to get the presentation, please follow the info below:

Presentation Topic: Apache Hadoop on Windows Azure

Since Microsoft’s adoption of open source Apache Hadoop in its cloud offering and CTP release “Apache Hadoop on Windows Azure”, the Hadoop is most exciting and adopted technology to analyze large amount of data in a very simple ways. The service offered as an elastic service for both on premise and public clouds based on Microsoft and Apache Hadoop technologies. Scale invariant insight, information processing, and analytics are now available to all participants in the Microsoft ecosystem – cloud and enterprise. Best of all, these capabilities have been bridged into the vibrant domains of Office BI and Collaboration, Data Warehousing, and Visualization/Reporting.

You will learn how to unlock business insights from all your structured and unstructured data, including large volumes of data not previously activated, with Microsoft’s Big Data solution. I will explain using live demonstration, how you can enterprise class Hadoop based solutions designed by Microsoft, on both Windows Server and Windows Azure. This talk is developer oriented and tutorial includes installation, configuration and simplified Big Data analysis with JavaScript.

Please download the Presentation from the link below:

Presentation Title: Open Source and Cloud Computing

Targeting the Open Source developer community will unlock significant growth opportunities for any cloud service vendor however for an open source developer; it is very hard to decide which cloud option to choose. Cost reduction is one of the main value-prop of both Cloud services and Open Source tools. So combining both of them is a significant reduction in cost, however, other hidden and unknown facts, may appear later. A significant portion of the development community uses LAMP stack and when you add Java, Java Script, Ruby, CGI, Python, Node.JS, *SQL, *DB, and Hadoop to list, you have a majority of the application currently thriving to move to cloud.
This interactive session targets to open source developers, suggesting what cloud services could be best option and what they should really look for, in a cloud platform. Attendees will learn about cloud services both big and small, those have successfully adopted Open Source applications support in their services offering. Attendees can use the information to understand what technical limitations exist along with how to overcome these hurdles.

Please download the Presentation from the link below:


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