Why there is a need for NoSql Database?

Let’s start with what are the issues and requirements with data in this generation:

  • Issues with dataSize
    • Scalability
      • Vertical
        • CPU Limit
    • Horizontal
      • Distributed
      • Scalability on Multiple Servers
      • Response
        • No overnight queries at all
        • No night batch processing, application needs instant results
        • Instant analytics
        • Availability
          • Data is living, breathing part of your application
          • No single point of failure
          • Distributed in nature
            • Manual distribution – sharding
              • Relational databases are split between multiple hosts by manual sharding
              • Energy spent on sharding and replication design
    • Inherent distribution
      • Built in control about replication and distribution
    • Hybrid (manual and inherent) distribution: Not inherently distributed, but designed to partitioned easily (automatically or manually)
    • Architecture:
      • For any RDBMS the schema is needed even before the program is written
      • Schemaless (best for agile development)
      • Latency while Interaction with Data:
        • Read Latency
          • Traditional RDBMS with proper indexing results FAST read access
  • Write Latency
    • Write Data to Append Only file, an extremely efficient and makes write are significantly faster then write
    • All Database must following below consideration:
      • ACIDproperties
        • Atomicity
        • Consistency
        • Isolation
        • Durability
  • Two-Phase Commit
  • CAP Theorem – You can get 2 out of following 3, means you will need to sacrifice the least required. Partition Tolerance is must for any distributed database so most of the db choose to sacrifice either consistency or availability
  • Partition Tolerance
  • Consistency
  • Availability

Here is an example (e.g. Twitter) how data evolve in this generation:

  • Twitter started with 140 chars + a few things
  • Later added pic and
  • Then added location
  • So you can see the lots of metadata has been added
  • So the type of data schema is changing regularly and a fixed schema will not work in this kind of data model
  • There are more and more examples to show that the data requirements are fluid
  • So the applications needs little DB planning at start
  • Data design is more query centric (what you are looking for) instead what kind of data is

Based on above following are the requirements for a database to fulfill the need:

  • Scalable
  • Super fast data insertion without concurrency
  • Extremely fast random reads on large datasets.
  • Consistent read/write speed across the whole data set.
  • Super efficient data storage
  • Scale well for cloud application need
  • Easy to maintain
  • Stable, of course.
  • Replicate data across machines to avoid issue if certain machine goes down
  • No more 80s batch processing
  • No-more schema because data changes frequently
  • Structured data is not a priority as unstructured data is growing faster then we establish the schema

Source: what-you-need-to-know-about-nosql-databases


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