Facts about any NoSQL Database

Read both the article for more info:

Here are some facts about any NoSQL database:

  • Experimental  spontaneity
  • Performance lies in application design
  • Structure of query is more important than structure of data
  • To design a DB you always start from what kind of query will be used to access the data
  • The approach is results centric about what you really expect as result
  • This also helps to design how to run an efficient query
  • Queries is used to define data objects
  • Accepting less than perfect consistency provide huge improvements in performance
  • Big-Data backed application have DB spread across thousands of nodes so
    • Performance penalty of locking DB to write/modify is huge
    • In frequent writes, serializing all writes will lose the advantage of distributed database
  • In an eventually consistence db, changes arrives to the node in 10th of the seconds before DB arrives in consistent state
  • For web applications availability always get priority over consistency
  • If consistency is not guaranteed by DB then application will have to manage it and to do it, application will be complex
  • You can add replication and failover strategies database designed for consistency can deliver super high availability
    • HBASE is an example here

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