If you think "Cloud Computing" and "Cloud Services" is hype, think again!!

Last couple of years cloud services and cloud computing is highlight of technology columns and everyone who consider them tech-know-hows, understands these two teams very well. From CTO/CIO to all the way IT guys are being thrown lots and lots of details about cloud services. The terms like SAAS, PAAS, IAAS, private cloud, public cloud, are headline of tech magazines and internet columns.  Amazon, Microsoft, Google, IBM, HP, Rackspace, Dropbox and many more companies are firing on all cylinders to compete and outsmart each other, however there are still skeptics who believe that it is all hype and there is nothing serious like cloud services or cloud computing.

So those who thinks this is all hype let me start by mentioning big names and what they are doing in cloud services arena:

It is true that each and every company in cloud services are trying to define cloud computing and cloud services in their way however there are still frontrunners and lots of others are playing hard to catch them first while others who have resources & capacity to do something new, are trying to do both. While Amazon has clear lead in overall cloud service business however company like Microsoft & Google are head to head in certain areas and trying to innovate in other areas. Rackspace, VMWare, Red Hat, Heroku, AppFog are also a few big and establish companies in cloud services.

Here is the very much positive market outlook about cloud services:


IDC has rated the five-year annual growth outlook for cloud services at 26%, some six times the rate of traditional IT and forecast to be worth almost $45 billion by 2013 when it will account for 10% of all IT revenue. Of the $27 billion in net new IT revenue in 2013, 27% will come from IT cloud services, it said. Gartner estimated that the cloud market would reach $150 billion in 2013, a figure that includes a much broader set of revenue streams than IDC and includes the likes of cloud-based advertising, e-commerce, human resources and payments processing.

Here is the truth about cloud services:

Cloud computing is where infrastructure and services merge into some kind of utility which is consumed by users over internet, without any consideration of where and how it was originated. The consumers just utilize what is giving and pay a fee to use is. A regular consumption of these utilities keep the price flat and save lots of money in longer term. Consumers don’t bother to know how and what it takes to create instead just use as it required, similar to electricity in our home and business.

Cloud services are something which built over cloud computing framework however depend on how consumer wants to consume these services, there are various types of cloud services available for consumers to choose.

When you decide to choose a cloud service vendor who can provide services to you or your company, you can get services to offload infrastructure or you can go to extreme and just use a cloud service vendor who can provide you full software and you just don’t need to own anything. Cloud services also have the same layered concept in which you are partially or fully depend on your vendor. Currently cloud service are categorize in 3 different types:

1.          Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS)

2.          Platform as a Service (PAAS)

3.          Software as a Service (SAAS)

Learn more about cloud service here:



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